Explosive hydrogen gas and oxygen bond together to create the compound H2O COMPOUND SOUND

Compound Sound… What is?

Mixers assimilate and compound music tracks together
Compound Sound New Releases What Is?

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Some compounds are made from atoms of different elements joined together by chemical bonds. The symbol above shows what H2O looks like at a molecular level, with two atoms of highly explosive gas hydrogen and one atom of oxygen bonded together to form water.

In the field of audio production, it’s common to use multitrack mixers like the one below to assimilate and compound many tracks of instruments into one cohesively bound work of art.

At Compound Sound, we add the unexpected reaction of surprising content, plus synergistic bonds between song creation and all performance & production people and processes.

Starting with basic compounds like water and mixer shown above, CompoundSound adds moonshine, and intoxicating ideas, leading to complete audio transformation. Results can be radio active.